2017 Dronestagram Photography Contest

Drones are an amazing piece of technology. They allow us to view the world from above and see things we can’t from the ground. And that has led to the booming industry of aerial photography. I know that many people here are also into drones. Attaching an action camera to a drone can lead to some amazing videos and photos. To drive more attention to photographers and their work, a website called Dronestagram holds an aerial photography contest each year. From the 30th May till the 30th June, all aerial content creators can submit their best photos. The winners receive recognition from the industry and even a nice range of different prizes.

2017 actually marks the fourth year of Dronestagram’s International Drone Photography Contest. It all started with the support from National Geographic, and they are still supporting it. The photo contest displays the world the possibilities of drone photography. Winners have included photos from beautiful landscapes to urban scenes. Not to mention selfies, or dronies as they were called last year. The contest provides exposure for everyone getting started in the industry.

How To Participate?

  1. Go to Dronestagram and sign up if you are not already a member. If you are a member then just log in to your account.
  2. This year the competition has three categories: nature, people and urban. So once you are logged in, just submit your best photos to the correct categories.
  3. That’s it! You are now part of the competition!

You have till the 30th June 2017 to submit your best work! Also, there’s no limit to how many photos you can submit.

The Jury

All of the photos are viewed by a panel of judges. This year, the panel will include the 5 following judges:

  • Patrick Witty, Deputy Director of Photography at National Geographic
  • Jean-Pierre Vrignaud, Chief Editor of National Geographic France
  • Emanuela Ascoli, Photo Editor of National Geographic France
  • Dronestagram’s co-founders Eric Dupin & Guillaume Jarret
  • Community Manager Veronika Dichtlerová

Sponsors & Prize

This year the sponsors include some fantastic companies: National Geographic, Europ Assistance, Kodak Pixpro, StudioSPORT, Lowepro, Zeinberg & Homido. They have also put out fantastic rewards for the winners. From cameras, virtual reality headsets, prints of photos and even drones. Plus, the National Geographic magazine will publish the winning photos!

Each category will have 3 winners who receive prizes based on places.

  • 1st place winners: DJI Spark offered by Studiosport, 1 Print Large Plexi offered by Zeinberg, Virtual reality Headset V2 offered by Homido
  • 2nd place winners: SP360-4K action camera offered by Kodak Pixpro, 1 Print Mini Plexi offered by Zeinberg
  • 3rd place winners: Roneguard BP 450 AW backpack offered by Lowepro, 1 Print Mini Plexi offered by Zeinberg

Make sure to take part of this incredible opportunity if you take aerial photography! This could give a serious boost to a new career and opportunities!