FLIR DUO – The First Thermal Action Camera

If you are into flying drones, then you know how hard it is to find light cameras. With the huge advances in drone technology, the gadgets are being used all over the world. And that also includes engineers and other industries. Until now, the huge bulky cameras have required to build large and expensive drones.

Instead of having to use a massive thermal camera to capture key elements, FLIR has come out with their very first action camera. It’s called the FLIR DUO! With a similar size and design of a GoPro, the action camera will fit any commercial and lightweight quadcopter. A massive improvement for smaller engineering companies who might not have the money to invest in expensive drones.

But don’t throw away your GoPro’s yet. While the FLIR DUO can capture both thermal images and traditional videos, the video resolution is limited to 1080p. It can also capture stills with 2MP. So the FLIR action camera isn’t meant for your everyday nature photographer. So if you bought your GoPro for recording extreme sports and maybe cruising around, then you will want to keep it. The FLIR DUO doesn’t have to be mounted onto a drone though. You can still use it normally as well. But it has been designed specially for drones.

The FLIR DUO can record a normal video and thermal image video at the same time. It even includes a picture-in-picture feature, which basically allows you to just view the normal image while flying the drone. This way the thermal image won’t confuse you and make you crash.

There are two versions available of the FLIR DUO. It was actually released today. The base model costs $999 and the more professional Duo R has a price tag of $1299. The Duo R is designed for aerial inspection works. It has some extra features and measures temperature more accurately.