GoPro Introduces Trade Up Program

It seems like year after year, GoPro keeps doing worse. 2016 was actually their worst year to date. The recall of their Karma drone and selling less action cameras, have really left a dent in the companies revenue. In order to add some juice back in to the company, GoPro has started a trade up program! Just trade in a previous generation GoPro camera and get $100 off the GoPro Hero5 Black and $50 off the Hero5 Session.

And that’s really been the main problem of GoPro. Their action cameras are pretty expensive so it’s quite difficult to always get the newest version. Not to mention that not everybody can justify the cost of a newer one. The video quality between the generations isn’t that big. Recycling your old GoPro may actually be a great incentive to make more people upgrade their camera.

To make it easier, GoPro has created a new page on their website at At the moment it’s only available in the USA. There you will find all the instructions needed to send in your old camera and get the new one.

This move might actually increase the number of sales this year. While the Hero5 Black was the best selling digital camera in the US, it wasn’t enough to beat the sales in the past years. Recycling might solve this issue as it may get more people to trade in their older GoPro’s to pick up the newer models. And most importantly stop them from switching over to a competing company. SJCAM and Sony have been working really hard to bring out other fantastic action cameras.

But if you have an older GoPro laying around and want the Hero5 Black or Session, definitely take the advantage of the GoPro program. Or you can also wait for the GoPro Hero6, which is rumored to come out later this year. Sadly there isn’t much information about that yet.