The SJCAM SJ8 4K Action Camera Revealed

SJCAM is far from the same small company they once were. During the past years, they have released more action cameras than any other company. The quality has improved with every new release and the gap between GoPro has definitely gotten smaller. If not surpassed. And all of that while keeping their action cameras well priced. Only recently they came out with their very first native 4K action camera – the SJCAM SJ7 Star!

Technology evolves just as fast as our needs though. And being able to record 4K videos at 60fps is nothing crazy now. A blog called Posh Gadgets recently managed to get revealed images of a new SJCAM SJ8 action camera! We don’t have all the information just yet but the full technical specifications are told to be released around October 2017. What we do know is that it has a native 4K resolution with 60fps!

SJCAM SJ8 action camera

There will also be two screens, one 2.33″ touchscreen on the back and a smaller 1″ screen on the front. There are also rumors about the camera supporting GPS but that’s yet to be confirmed. The SJCAM SJ8 will have the new generation Electronic Image Stabilization system that works with 4K 30fps as well. I have heard that in theory the Ambrella H22 chip should also have the possibility to enable stabilization for 60fps at 4K. But that hasn’t been made possible yet by Ambrella so hopefully they will by the time the camera get’s released.

The SJCAM SJ8 is definitely an interesting action camera to wait for. It looks better than the current Sony and GoPro action cameras at every technical specification! There is no information about the price either yet. It will probably be somewhere between $200 and $300 by the sounds of it. That’s still much cheaper and better than what the big brands are offering! Hopefully we will have more information in October and I’ll be sure to update!