Xiaomi To Release Yi 4K+ Action Camera

Xiaomi is a fantastic company that keeps on surprising. They have somehow managed to combine great quality and affordable prices. In 2016 they released the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera. It was their first 4K action camera that was actually rated better than the GoPro Hero4 Black. With a price of $200, it really had no competitors.

Well Xiaomi has now upped their game. They have finally revealed their newest Xiaomi Yi 4K+ action camera at the CES 2017! The new 4K+ is capable of recording 4K videos at 60fps. No other action camera is capable of that. To be correct, it is double of what the GoPro Hero5 Black is capable of. The newest Yi is also the first action camera to use the newest Ambarella H2 SoC processor. This next generation processor has a maximum bitrate of 120Mbps. That is even more than what is possible with the Sony FDR-X3000 (the best action camera currently available)!

Xiaomi Yi 4K+ design

According to Xiaomi, the action camera will also have the next generation image stabilization system that works with 4K at 30fps. The same system we have seen on the Sony. It will also have some cool features like voice commands, VR support, live streaming and improved audio.

The new features and improved video quality have increased the price. The newest Xiaomi Yi 4K+ will be available for $299. Still, cheaper than the GoPro Hero5 Black and Sony FDR-X3000.

Xiaomi Yi Erida Drone

Yi 4K+ isn’t the only product Xiaomi revealed at the CES 2017 though. Xiaomi has teamed up with Atlas Dynamics to bring out their newest drone – the Erida. According to Yi, the tricopter can fly for up to 40 minutes and at a speed of 75mph / 120kph. It is also fully made out of carbon fiber. Either way, if this is true then it’s the first ready to fly drone that can stay in air for this long.

Xiaomi hasn’t released the price or availability yet. According to them though, we can expect to see Erida some time in Q2 2017.