Yi Technology Reveals 360 Degree Camera

Yi Technology is a company that has truly revolutionized the modern action camera market. They were the first company to actually create a budget action camera that could rival with GoPro. Ever since then, Yi Technology has been working hard to improve their products. Well they might have done it now!

Yi Technology revealed their first ever 4K 360 degree VR action camera at the NAB 2017 Show that took place this April. It’s a major step in making VR videos accessible for everyone. And most importantly for content creators. The Yi 360 VR was available for people to see and try at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show all week. The camera it self looks amazing. The Yi 360 VR features a handheld, mountable camera design while keeping a professional sleek look. And the best part, it has all the 360 degree features you will need, including in device stitching, live streaming and high quality videos!

Yi 360 VR Tech

Yi Technology has created a whole new next generation 360 degree action camera. It features a complete solution for anyone wanting to create 360 degree VR videos. It can record high quality videos at up to 5.7K at 30fps in 360 degrees! The camera runs on the newest Ambarella SOC H2V95 chip. It also has two 12MP Sony IMX377 CMOS Sensors attached to two 220 degree lenses! All of this makes sure that you get the highest quality 360 videos anywhere you record. Oh and you can even capture 360 degree still photos at a 5.7K resolution!

Oh and the best part, Yi Technology has managed to make VR as simple as possible. The Yi camera has a built in stitching software which puts together the perfect 360 degree videos. Unlike some other VR action cameras, that stitch footage together very badly and you end up with a choppy bad quality video.

Yi 360 VR Tech

According to Yi Technology, they have also improved battery life. One battery charge is supposed to provide around an hour of recording time. That is pretty fantastic for a VR action camera!


Like other action cameras, Yi 360 VR is also going to have a smartphone app. The mobile app can be used to fully control the camera, edit the settings, preview footage and even edit the 360 degree videos. All of that from your phone. The action camera will also have some simple controls on the camera for recording and changing modes.

Yi has also included a a live streaming feature! The camera has a 100Mbps high speed WiFi connection. It allows you to stream 360 degree videos at a 2.5K resolution at 30fps! The faster WiFi connection also lowers the download time of photos and videos from the camera onto your phone. The live stream function currently supports only Facebook and YouTube.


The YI 360 VR action camera is available for pre-ordering! A limited amount is scheduled to be delivered in around June 2017. There is no further information on when the company would fully open sales. The pre-order price of the action camera is $399. That’s a really good price for a good VR action camera! Yi Technology has also announced that they are also developing a even better professional grade 360 degree action camera. It’s called the Yi Halo and there’s no other information about it so far.

Either way I can’t want to get myself one and review it. Maybe it will take the first place on our best action camera list!